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My Sickle Cell Research Xplained

Read Maree’s real story, as she shares her story to help you understand more about living with Type 2 Diabetes and managing the Hypos that can come along with it.

Easy to understand information about sickle cell disease research. Created by doctors and people living with sickle cell disease. Scroll to see the latest content we have created!

My Sickle Cell Research Xplained Stories

Stories based on people with sickle cell disease, their experiences and advice to others on how sickle cell research has played a role in their lives.

Blogs and Podcasts on Sickle Cell Disease Research

Check out the latest blogs and podcasts for helpful topics on sickle cell disease research.

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Blog 8 – Basics Behind Gene Therapy

Episode 2 – Progress in SCD Research and Potential New Treatments

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Meet the experts who helped create the My Sickle Cell Research Xplained content. We’ve got a pretty great panel. Check out their bios to learn more!

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