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Blog 4 – Part I: Reasons to Join a Clinical Trial

Wondering why people participate in sickle cell disease clinical trials?

Well, everyone has their own reasons, but some common reasons are:

  • I want a chance to try something different to manage my condition.
  • I want to contribute to discovering better treatment options for sickle cell disease.
  • I want to get more attention and closer monitoring of my health through being in a trial.
  • I want to take an active role in my health.
  • I want a chance to learn more about how to manage my disease.
  • Some or all of my health care expenses may be covered.

No matter the reason, it’s important that there are people with sickle cell disease who are willing to participate, in order for science to move forward and find other options for future sickle cell disease treatment!

It’s especially important to be a #ClinicalTrialsChampion by sharing these resources far and wide! Spread the word: a person’s race or ethnicity can affect how their body responds to treatment, so that’s why clinical trials need people that represent the people who will use the treatment.

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Check back next week for our blog discussing what it means to be in a clinical trial!

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